Reservoir Dogs: Mr. Blonde

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Reservoir Dogs is a 1992 American crime film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino in his feature-length debut. It stars Harvey KeitelTim RothChris PennSteve BuscemiLawrence TierneyMichael Madsen, Tarantino, and Edward Bunker as diamond thieves whose planned heist of a jewelry store goes terribly wrong. The film depicts the events before and after, but not during, the heist. Kirk BaltzRandy Brooks, and Steven Wright also play supporting roles. It incorporates many motifs that have become Tarantino's hallmarks: violent crime, pop culture references, profanity, and nonlinear storytelling.

Mr. White

Mr. Blue

Mr. Blonde

Mr. Orange

Mr. Blonde

Nice Guy Eddie

Mr. Pink

Joe Cabot

Mr. Brown

You shoot me in a dreamyou better wake up and apologize

"Stuck in the Middle with You" – Stealers Wheel 

Joker, Pennywise, It

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