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Do you have someone in your life that loves Seinfeld or Star Wars or Star Trek or The Honeymooners or The Odd Couple? Do they love t-shirts? Having trouble picking out a great shirt for them? Well....

Mondo Monster Wear offers gift certificates. This gift certificate will cover the cost of a shirt, shipping and taxes. The recipient can choose what they want (or re-gift it). We'll email you the certificate with the unique card code and you can either print it or you can email it to them. When they make their choice, they enter the unique code and they get a shirt in the mail. Oh, and these never expire!

Great for:

  • Family member
  • Secret Santa
  • As a stocking “stuffer”
  • Birthday
  • Hanukkah
  • Friend
  • Co-worker


***If you need gift certificates for several people you must complete each individual purchase separately or else shipping charges and taxes won't be applied and your "giftee" will be charged for them. We cannot email gift certificates directly to the person you intend to send the gift (it will wind up in their junk mail folder), but if you put their name and address in the "special instructions" box at checkout we can mail it. Be aware that all shirts prices start at $24.99. Shipping is usually $5.75, so the minimum you should purchase is $31. You can purchase any amount, but try to make it a multiple of $31