Mondo Monster Blog

The Mondo Monster Blog will give site visitors a chance to get inside the head* of the artistry of Mondo Monster Wear. Mondo Monster Wear has been blowing the minds of T shirt purchasers for over a year. Now it's time to blow their mind from an existential point of view. 

*Mondo Monster Wear will not be responsible for the readers' minds being blown. Strong chance of someone saying or thinking "whoa, they did not say that". No backsies or penny tax. Void in Michigan.

Entry 1: Meet Mondo Monster Wear (September 9, 2015)

Entry 2: Mondo Monster Wear: 2014, 2015 and Beyond (December 15, 2015)

Entry 3: T-Shirts, The Apocolypse and Survival (July 19, 2021)

Entry 4: Our Video Podcast, ":30 Second Reviews"

Entry 5: The Story of Brooklyn's "Mondo Monster"

Entry 6: Our Production Process and Shipping

Entry 7: OK, Boomer!

Entry 8: Mondo Monster Wear's Charitable Donations

Entry 9: Your purchases that benefited a charity

Entry 10: Tee Shirts and Politics Don't Mix

Entry 11: 2021 Shipping Options

Entry 12: 2022 and Beyond

Entry 13: The Greatest Generation

Entry 14: The Case For Space: 1999

Entry 15: The Alltime Mets Roster

Entry 16: Andrew McCutchen

Entry 17: Alltime Mets Home Grown Roster

Entry 18: Mets Pop Culture Punchline

Entry 19: Alltime Mets-Yankees Roster

Entry 20: Mets in 2016

Entry 21: Mets in the American League

Entry 22: Medical Privacy in the Public Eye

Entry 23: So Easy A Child Can Do It

Entry 24: The Case For Space: 1999

Entry 25: Microwave Marketing

Entry 26: Yes, Baseball Can Be Saved