Tee Shirts and Politics Don’t Mix

Tee Shirts and Politics Don’t Mix

Is Mondo Monster Wear a political site?


Well, short answer is no. Longer answer is yes..... but with an explanation. Our shirts are meant to be fun, geeky, parodies of pop culture, etc. and while we have allowed some of our personal politics to infiltrate the designs, we prefer not to create shirts that will feed the flame of controversy or conspiracy. In other words, we want people to love us, not hate us.


Our overriding mandate is to make shirts that we would want to wear on a daily basis. And for the most part that’s the way we have operated since our founding in 2014. Without a doubt the last 5 to 6 years have been contentious and partisan. We don’t like it. We’re concerned by it. But we also acknowledge the realities of our society.


We will not, however, create shirts that promote theories of stolen elections or that people should not wear masks or get vaccinations against diseases including COVID-19. It boils down to this, we firmly do believe that masks and vaccinations will help stop the spread of COVID-19. If that’s not your opinion, you’re entitled to it, but you should be looking for shirts on our site that deal with fandoms like The Honeymooners or The Odd Couple or the Avengers or Star Wars or Star Trek. Any of the shirts that we design will never be viewed as supporting the agendas of  the far right or the far left. Our shirts are firmly for people who need escapism from their world and the inherit controversies.


Having said that, it should be noted that we do have several designs that promote gender, race, religious and sexual orientation equality. Many of our shirts are linked to charitable organizations (as seen on other blog posts on our site) and some of those charities might be considered controversial to people that don’t agree with what they support. We have donated countless amounts of money to groups that fight disease or developmental disabilities, but also support groups like the Gay Men’s Health Crisis.


Our eBay store, has every item linked to different charities. Many of those charities or organizations are issues that we firmly believe in. Again, they may not be something that all of our customers agree with, but we still feel that it’s important to do good in addition to doing well.


On a similar note, while we do some custom designs for families or organizations, we will not create any art that promotes hate against any single group.


Thank you for your attention.