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Sometimes out of touch people can be pop culture influencers

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We are very grateful to have a dedicated customer base that contacts us frequently about our shirts. In some cases it’s people asking where we got inspiration for some of the designs. In other cases it’s people suggesting ideas for future shirts. We take it to heart and take every suggestion to heart and try to find a way to implement it. Something that we are frequently asked about is why we have a 10-day fulfillment period and can’t get items to our customers in one day. Well, that’s a very good question. The answer is simple. We do not keep inventory....

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                Has it really been a year?                 Well, not really. Officially Mondo Monster Wear launched in September, 2014. But the appearance, other than the name, has changed in ways we never imagined We didn’t have a dedicated website. Our shirts were displayed on sales pages off of our parent site, Ag Media Solutions, Inc. We didn’t accept credit cards. Purchasers actually would see a design they liked, contact us and then send a check. Admittedly the process was slow. But we did have one sale for 2014. One? Yessiree Bob!!!!!                 The sixth century Chinese philosopher and legendary founder...

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