T-Shirts, The Apocolypse and Survival

T-Shirts, The Apocolypse and Survival

So here’s the scene: it’s 2015 and a young recent college graduate is sitting in a job interview at a marketing firm. He nervously tugs at his tie and he’ll fitting sport jacket. The ink hasn’t even dried on his diploma. The hiring manager, sitting across the (what appears to be an enormous) desk from him, is clicking the pen as he reads a résumé that has absolutely no experience in the professional world. Putting down the paper, and looking up, the hiring manager says “so, where do you see yourself in five years?”

The young man swallows hard  before he answers. He looks up at the hiring manager and says, “well, we will be in a global pandemic where we are all working remotely and having meetings via zoom. In addition there will be racial unrest across the United States and a contested presidential election that will divide the country between the red and blue states.”

Honestly, in 2015 did anyone have a clue what 2020 was going to be? I mean seriously, how messed up was the past year???? And it certainly has filtered in to 2021. But what does any of this have to do with a geeky website that sells T-shirts?!?

Absolutely nothing at all! I mean, seriously, we just sell T-shirts. Occasionally longsleeve T-shirts. Is any of that going to change the fate of the world? I mean 2020 was very much like a film produced by Stephen King and M. Night. But frankly you come to our site to escape the world of the world.

This year, 2021,marks seven years of mondomonsterwear.com. We are on eBay as well as on this e-commerce site. In truth, we are well beyond where we thought we would be when we started the company seven years ago. At the time, we only had Odd Couple and honeymooners T-shirts. Slowly we started to integrate Star Wars and Star Trek. What was our inspiration? Well, the inspiration is simple: we only make the shirts that we would want to wear ourselves.

Mondo Monster Wear was formed when we couldn’t find honeymooners or odd couple T-shirts anywhere. Yes, some were available online, but we really didn’t like them. So we decided let’s make our own. Over the next seven years our sales have increased in ways that we never would’ve imagined. We have 700 designs, offered in three gender size categories, eight sizes (from youth small to 6XL) and print on countless variations of shirt colors. To say the least, we’ve exceeded even where we imagined we could be seven years ago.

So after seven years of T-shirt sales we can look back and be amazed at what we have accomplished. Frankly the fact that we have had over a 1000 orders during that time where we have donated up to 20% of our proceeds to charities, causes and organizations that we believe in makes us feel really good about our business model. 

Are we getting rich from the T-shirts? Nope. Are we on the level of Hot Topic or Tee Public? Not even close. And we don’t care. As long as we continue to make the shirts that our fans enjoy, then we will continue on the mission that we started in 2014.

Thanks for reading the most current blog. Use the word “blog” for 10% off a future purchase. And let’s hope that five years from now we’re not being chased down Park Avenue by zombies.

Live long and prosper and may the force be with you! Nanoo Nanoo.