Well, here we are once again, at the end of the year and it’s a holiday season. We are beyond proud of the support we received from our very dedicated customers who love our shirts – whether here on Mondomonsterwear.com or on our eBay store. As of right now we are projected to have our second most successful year in our seven year history. That is a credit to you, our great fan base, who sent in lots of suggestions for new designs.

We took advantage of a lot of different trends over the last couple of years (especially the last year and a half of binge watching television that created new fandoms) for inspiration. One of our newest product lines, while trying to avoid being political, is to create presidential campaign shirts for 2024. Most of them are fantasy pairings like Howard stern and Robin Quivers or Ernie and Bert or even the dark Knight himself, Batman and robin. To date we have created almost 100 designs based on this theme and we are doing our best to get them posted to the store as quickly as possible.

Last year, aside from the challenges of a global pandemic, we also had to deal with shipping and postal delays. As a result we have decided that all of our items shipped two or three day priority as the default. Yes, it meant that we needed to raise our shipping costs a little bit, but it also meant a little bit of peace of mind so that you the consumer would have your item as quickly as possible. This year, however, we will also be offering a new service: all orders will be followed up by an email or text asking if you want your item to be shipped to you quicker via FedEx or UPS air next day. Sadly, it means that you would have to pay a little bit more, but at least you know that your loved ones will have something fun for the holiday season.

Please send more of your ideas for designs or shows or movies that you love. We are always looking to expand our product line and certainly appeal to everybody Geeky nature.

Thank you again for your continued support and we look forward to providing more fun items in 2022.


Happy holidays!